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Masala Chai, English Breakfast Tea, And Pleasure Chai: Which one is for You?

There is no study or research needed to prove the amazing feeling the first sip of tea gives you. It tantalizes your taste buds and makes you feel energetic. This is why the first thing that comes to your mind when you get out of bed in the morning is tea.

But do you know that there is a huge variety of teas which you can drink, and each offers many benefits? Oh, you don’t? Well. In this post, we have compared the three famous and most loved variants of tea that you can enjoy: Masala Chai, English Breakfast Tea, and Pleasure Chai.

These teas have their distinct tastes. Some of them have a mild and soft taste, while others give you a strong, refreshing taste. Not to mention, these teas come with several health benefits; this is a plus that compels people to kick start the day with a hot cup of tea. I mean, who doesn't want to soothe their taste buds when you are also getting plenty of advantages?

So read the article to understand about these three teas and what so special in them?

Masala Chai

Masala chai is one of the most popular types of tea, commonly drunk in the Indian Subcontinent. The recipe is simple: you have to boil black tea in water and milk along with some aromatic herbs and spices. Although it originates from the Indian Subcontinent, masala chai has become famous around the globe, and it is the star beverage in the menu of many tea and coffee shops. Traditionally, this amazing chai includes cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, ground ginger, ground cloves, and black peppercorn.

The term "chai" is a Hindi word derived from the Chinese word "cha" (means tea). You may also have heard the English name of masala chai that is spiced tea. This tea is an amazing way to enjoy the taste of tea and natural ingredients altogether.

Health Benefits of Masala Tea

Reduces Inflammation

Many spices and herbs used to make this tea make masala chai a healthy beverage. The most prominent herb is ginger, which adds anti-inflammatory properties to your beverage. Another major ingredient is aromatic cloves. This ingredient plays a vital role in reducing inflammation.

Boosts Immunity

This tea is great for your immune system because it contains clove and cinnamon. Using these ingredients together increases their potency. Together, they cause a synergistic effect that boosts the immune system.

Supports Digestion

The ingredients like cardamom, clove, and tulsi used in this tea support digestion. When you add ginger in this tasty tea, it not only enhances the flavors but also boosts its benefits. It creates a calming and refreshing effect on your body. So, if you are facing problems with your digestive system, you should try masala tea with cardamom.

Controls Cholesterol Levels

The basic ingredient of this tea is black tea, which is a powerful antioxidant. Not to mention, the cardamom and clove in this beverage can help cholesterol levels. The elements in this beverage can also help to prevent heart-related problems such as abnormal heart rate and blood pressure.

Could Help Prevent Cancer

Some researches show that the anti-oxidizing properties of masala chai may help prevent cancer. Not to mention, studies on ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon also suggest these natural ingredients may help patients fighting with cancer.

English Breakfast Tea

It is also commonly known as a breakfast tea and is a traditional blend of different black teas. This tea is one of the most famous blended teas, and very common in Irish and British tea culture.

This tea has an amazing blended taste, which relaxes and calms you. It goes well with the taste of the English breakfast. This tea is a blend of teas like Kenyan, Ceylon, and Assam. Sometimes the expensive version of this tea also contains Keemun. Its taste can be slightly bitter, wet, or malty, totally depending on the amount added.

Health Benefits of English Breakfast Tea

Minus Calories

English breakfast tea is great if you want to lose some calories. It helps you to intake a beverage without consuming any calories. This tea is also great for people who don't drink water because of some reason, but always ready to consume tea. While tea is not an alternative to water, it will meet your fluid needs to some extent.

Of course, to get its benefits, you need to drink it without adding any calories like sugar, honey, or any other element, leading to weight gain.

Promotes Healthy Teeth

Tea leaves are a great source of fluoride. Moreover, the fluoride level also increases with the age of these leaves. This element is great for preventing cavities in your mouth. Fluoride supports your teeth and makes them stronger. It also makes your teeth resistant to decay from acids and sugar, so you don’t have to go to the dentist. Not to mention, the black tea leaves are much older than white or green tea leaves, making them the best source of fluoride.

Supports Heart Health

Green tea is usually considered the best when it comes to antioxidants. However, you may not know that black teas also have antioxidant properties.

Pleasure Chai

Pleasure chai is for the people who want to enjoy the natural flavors with its benefits as well as want something light. It is a unique blend of Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea. This means you can tantalize your taste buds with the intense flavor of Assam black tea and the mild flavor of fennel and cardamom in Darjeeling tea.

Moreover, you can gain many health benefits by drinking one cup of this beverage. The Assam tea is pretty common in India. As this tea is naturally high in caffeine, it is commonly used as a breakfast tea. Many English and Irish breakfast teas include Assam tea or a blend that includes it. When farmers harvest Assam tea, they put leaves in an oxidation process. This procedure boosts the leaves' chemical process, which leads to its distinctive flavor, colors, and plant compounds that make this tea different from others.

If we talk about another main component of pleasure tea, Darjeeling tea, it also undergoes through withering, oxidation, and drying. This process gives it dark brown, amber color tiny pieces which emit exotic earthy aromas. This tea is total bliss and makes you feel happy and healthy. The cultivation process of Darjeeling tea is a little difficult because it has a shorter fermentation time. Both of these teas are wonderful and helpful, whether you consume them together or separately.

Health Benefits Of Pleasure Chai

Reduces Inflammation

Pleasure tea offers several health benefits. The first and the best advantage of drinking this tea is that you can intake many antioxidants in your body all at the same time. It contains elements like theaflavins, catechins, and thearubigins, which play the role of antioxidants in your body. And of course, it can reduce the risk of many health problems.

Not to mention, antioxidants can also reduce the negative effect of free radicals. It can also help to eliminate toxins from your body and neutralize harmful chemicals during the digestion process. You may not know, but the deficiencies of these chemicals can increase the risk of chronic diseases and accelerates the process of aging. So a cup of pleasure chai can help keep you looking young.

Supports Immune Function

Some researches show that polyphenolic compounds in teas like Assam tea can function like prebiotics in the human digestive tract. Prebiotics are compounds present in a bundle of foods, responsible for boosting the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. These bacteria are necessary to fight with the harmful bacteria in your gut that make you sick. This means that you can potetially make your immune system stronger with a sip of pleasure tea.

Relieves Stress

Stress can lead to many health problems such as skin conditions, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, depression, heart problems, and anxiety. You can say that stress makes your immune system vulnerable and reduces its power to fight with diseases. But you can deal with stress with the aromatic and tasty pleasure chai.

Drinking a tasty beverage can lift your mood and tea can help eliminate the symptoms of stress.

Not to mention, only a tiny dose of this tea restores your mental alertness and boosts your focus. Sometimes people also feel a sense of unexplainable energy in their bodies.

Bottom Line

No matter which country you live in, what language you speak, or what culture you belong to, tea is a part of the breakfast routine. People love to drink tea, whether it has originated from India or the USA. You might crave a cup of hot, brewing tea right now .

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